Why Sediment Pollution Needs More Attention in Environmental Policies

Sediment Pollution - Dangers on aquatic life and human life

Sediment Pollution Policies can play a crucial role in protecting our environment and communities, though this issue is often overshadowed by other environmental concerns. Sediment pollution involves the accumulation of particles like soil, sand, and minerals in water bodies, leading to habitat alteration, reduced water quality, and harm to aquatic life. Despite the severe impacts … Read more

What Are the Primary Causes of Thermal Pollution?

Primary Causes of Thermal Pollution - Who are the biggest culprit

The concept of thermal pollution became widely recognized during the mid-20th century when the rapid industrial expansion led to increased use of water for cooling in power plants and factories. Thermal pollution occurs when the temperature of a natural water body changes significantly, which can severely impact aquatic life and water quality. The primary causes … Read more